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Oda Tetsuro - Honoo no Sadame


Hello friends! Kyubox here with one of my favorite ships!

Those who know me well will know that Kyubox is quite found of Kyouko x Mami, so once again Kyubox will try and convert the masses into shipping this the only way I know how.

With suffering.


This is a teddy bear! Isn’t it cute? It’s from the PSP game. It’s a bear that  Mami cherishes very much~ In fact, there’s a reason why Mami loves this bear you know.

It’s a gift from Kyouko.

Back when Kyouko and Mami were friends and partners, Kyouko won this bear in a UFO catcher game at the arcade and gave it to Mami. Mami’s kept this bear ever since.

Isn’t that sweet?



This is Mami Tomoe’s grave.

After Mami dies, Kyouko digs a grave for her and buries her around her church. You can even see the church in the background. Then she places Mami’s favorite bear by the grave so she won’t be lonely.

[◕ ‿‿ ◕]